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Integrative Vibroacoustic Therapy Sessions

Enhance your healing experience with vibroacoustic therapy. Vibroacoustic Therapy combines sound and vibration through specialized equipment omitting low frequency sound waves and music, engaging your body on a cellular level! The frequency and vibration reaches deep into the tissues, stimulating every cell. The therapy takes place in a quiet, comfortable setting (in home studio) where you can relax fully on a specialized lounge fitted with transducers that emit low-frequency vibrations that flow with relaxing music using headphones.

This combination encourages relaxation and cellular activity by release of a cascade of hormones triggered by the para-sympathetic response.




Session Time         Price

11 minutes              

22 minutes             $30

30 minutes             $45

45 minutes             $60  

60 minutes             $75

80 minutes             $100 



Punch cards (5 for 10% off & 10 for 15% off) and gift certificates available

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